City-trip in London – 5Q

Londres 1

Three days in London



At first, we took the coach at 5.00 am in Visé. Everybody was sleepy. It was very  quiet but after some time, a few students who were listening to music became  noisier.


Londres 3


The trip to Calais lasted three hours. Some people were sick on the boat. We arrived in London in the afternoon. When we arrived there, we went to the British museum. Then, we went to the host families.



Londres 4


On Thursday, we walked a lot. We went to see “Trafalgar Square” and we made a  city treasure hunt. In the evening, we were told about “Jack the ripper”. After that  we went back to our family.


Londres 5


Every morning The families gave us something to eat for the coming day. They were really welcoming. We spoke a lot with the wife but we didn’t see the son of the couple.


Londres 6

On The third day, we went to “Chelsea Stadium” after leaving our host families. All  boys were really happy to discover this lovely stadium. The visit took four hours.  After that we took the coach to go back to Belgium.

When we were on the boat,  some people were sick again and when the boat arrived we got back on the coach.  Finally, we arrived in Visé at 22pm.